Detergente Grade HPMC for Hand Wash Shampoo/Liquid Detergent

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HPMC-Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose and Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose and non-ionic cellulose ether made by natural high polymer cellulose as raw material and series of chemical processing.

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HPMC-Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose and Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose and non-ionic cellulose ether made by natural high polymer cellulose as raw material and series of chemical processing. They are odorless, tasteless and non-toxic white powder, which can be dissolved in cold water to form a transparent viscous solution. Processing thickening, binding, dispersing, emulsifying, film, coating, suspending, absorbing, gelling, surface activity, water maintaining and protective colloid properties

Product Parameters

Items Technical data Units
Appearance White or off-white powder  
Methoxy 19%~24% %
Hydroxypropoxy 4%~12% %
Viscosity range (2%,Brookfield) 300-65000 mPa.S
Viscosity range (1%, NDJ) 300-200000 mPa.S
Moisture ≤5 %
PH Value 6-8  
Gel temperature 60-75 %
Packing Density 250 - 360 g/l


HPMC for Dishwashing Liquid:

High viscosity detergent grade hydroxypropylmethylcellulose(HPMC) is very well suited to thicken washing up liquids as they normally form a clear solution, have a good level of compatibility with ionic tensides, and can easily be incorporated into the washing up liquid, due to their delayed solubility. Good storage stability will also be achieved.

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HPMC for Laundry Detergent:

It can be quickly dispersed in a solvent mixed with cold water and organic matter. It will reach its maximum consistency and form a transparent viscous solution after a few minutes. The aqueous solution has surface activity, high transparency, strong stability,and dissolution in water is not affected by pH.When detergent grade hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is used in laundry detergent, it mainly acts as a stabilizing thickener, emulsifying stabilizer, and dispersing thickener, which can significantly increase the viscosity of the product and the ability to penetrate stains.

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HPMC for Shampoo:

Dally chemical grade high-viscosity HPMC has good water dispersibility when used in shampoo, can quickly disperse into shampoo, increase the transparency of shampoo after dissolution, and has good stability and suspension. Nontoxic, harmless, green and environmentally friendly, suitable for daily chemical products.

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HPMC for Hand Wash Gel:

Daily chemical-grade hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is used in detergents to stabilize emulsions and suspended particles and is used for thickening and rheological modification of systems with high surfactant content. The thickener product is supplied in a low viscosity liquid, easy to pour and pump. It is incredibly convenient for batch use and automatic metering devices. It contains no ingredients harmful to health or the environment and has reliable antimicrobial and enzymatic degradation properties.

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Construstion: tile adhesives, wall putty/skim coat, plaster/render mortars, EIFS, tile grouts, joint filler, self leveling compounds, detergents,water based paints and coatings, etc.
Homecare prodcuts: shampoo, detergent, etc.
PVC/PEC: plastic forming mold release agent, softener, lubricants
Paints and Ink: thickening agent, dispersing agent and stabilizer

Package details

Sample packaging

500g sample in airtight plastic bag and then packed in a sealed aluminium foil bag

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Packaging for products over 1 tonne

25kg /paper bags with PE inner. Cellulose ethers (HPMC, HEMC): 20'FCL:10 tons with pallets or 12 tons without pallets. 40'FCL:20 tons with pallets or 24 tons without pallets.

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Company profile

Hebei YuLan Chemical Co., Ltd is a large-scale processional manufacturer of fine chemical cellulose ether. The plant is located in the provincial clean chemical park of Xinji County, Shijiazhuang City,with the complete environmental protection procedures, is the key cultivation enterprise of Xinji County. The factory covers an area of 500,000 square meters, fixed asset of 150 millions USD, 400 employees and 42 senior technicians. The factory adopts 8 advanced production technology and equipment lines from Germany, with a product quality rate of 100%, daily output can be up to 300 tons at now.

After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts and continuous development, the factory has become to the largest manufacturer of cellulose ether and the only one with 75 degree gel temperature technology in Hebei Province.The factory products have achieved a good reputation at home and abroad with excellent quality and excellent service. It has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, and has been praised and trusted by users at home and abroad.

Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose is the leading products of the factory, widely used in the fields of chemical industry, construction, building materials, coatings, food, cosmetics,agriculture,national defense and military industry,etc. The factory has passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, and the products quality has reached international advanced level,and the variety and quality meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

The factory strong economic strength and abundant human resources have laid a solid foundation for its long-term development. Excellent quality, better price and considerate service are our factory's goal. We are willing to cooperate with domestic and abroad customers, keep pace with the times and create brilliant future together!

Factory show

At the beginning of 2018, for adopting the requirements of market , we invested 20 millions USD on the phase-Ⅲ production line. In 2021, the yearly output reaches 40,000 metric tons. Landcel has successfully passed ISO 9001 and made REACH registration in 2021.

LANDCEL always abide by "Quality first, Customer first" to develop sustainable and win-win relationships with our clients and benefit our partners with long terms.

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