Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (Hpmc) For Self-leveling Mortar

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The gypsum special grade hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC has the characteristics of high water retention, dispersibility, good fineness, good workability and easy dissolution. widely used in gypsum products like gypsum plaster, adhesive plaster, embedded gypsum, tile adhesives etc.

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Gypsum grade HPMC features

1. High viscosity: Gypsum additives HPMC has a high viscosity that makes it an excellent binder and thickener in gypsum-based products.
2. Operability: In construction projects, HPMC powder can enhance the plasticity of mortar and improve coating efficiency.
3. Anti-slip property: Due to its thickening effect, it can prevent the slippage problem between mortar and substrate in construction projects.
4. Water retention: The water retention is enhanced, which helps to solve the problems of cement and gypsum building materials drying too fast, poor hardening, insufficient hydration and cracking.
5. Film-forming ability: Gypsum additives HPMC can form a thin, flexible film that helps to improve the durability and strength of the final product.

Gypsum grade HPMC benefits

1. Gypsum plasters: Gypsum additives HPMC from Haoshuo is used in gypsum plasters to improve their workability, water retention, and strength.
2. Gypsum-based mortars: It is used in gypsum-based mortars to improve their adhesion, water retention, and durability.
3. Gypsum-based adhesives: Gypsum additives HPMC is used in gypsum-based adhesives to improve their workability and adhesion.

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Product viscosity
Construction-grade crystalline cellulose for mortar (here refers to pure cellulose, excluding existing products) in terms of viscosity range
Generally, the following types are commonly used (the unit is viscosity)
Low viscosity: 400 is mainly used for self-leveling mortar, but it is generally imported.
Reason: The viscosity is low, although the water retention is poor, but the leveling property is good, and the mortar density is high.
Medium and low viscosity: 20000-40000 is mainly used for anti-cracking mortar, thermal insulation cement mortar, etc.
Reason: good construction, less water, high density of mortar.
Medium viscosity: 75000-100000 mainly used for putty
Reason: good water retention
High viscosity: 150000-200000 Mainly used for tile adhesive, caulking, polystyrene particle insulation agent, mortar glue powder and vitrified microspheres
Insulation mortar.
Reason: high viscosity, mortar is not easy to fall off, sagging, which improves the construction.
But generally speaking, the higher the viscosity, the better the water retention. Therefore, considering the cost, many dry powder mortar factories use medium
Viscosity cellulose (75000-100000) replaces medium and low viscosity cellulose (20000-40000) to reduce the amount added.


Package Details

● Sample packaging
500g sample in airtight plastic bag and then packed in a sealed aluminium foil bag

Packaging for products over 1 tonne

● Packaging for products over 1 tonne
25kg /paper bags with PE inner. Cellulose ethers (HPMC, HEMC): 20'FCL:10 tons with pallets or 12 tons without pallets. 40'FCL:20 tons with pallets or 24 tons without pallets.

Packaging for products over 1 tonne
Packaging for products over 1 tonne2

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